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Delaware Marriage & Family Counseling

Richard Brousell, LPCMH - Marriage & Family Therapist

2505 Foulk Woods Road   Wilmington, DE   19810       |       Phone: (302) 475-6077      |       Fax: (302) 475-1641

Phone: (302) 475-6077
Fax: (302) 475-1641

Richard Brousell LPCMH
2505 Foulk Woods Road
Wilmington, DE 19810-3636

Phone: (302) 475-6077

Fax: (302) 475-1641

2505 Foulk Woods Road,
Wilmington, Delaware 19810

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M-Th: 8am-7pm
F: 8am-5pm
Sat: 9am-1pm

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Personal relationships are central to the well-being of most people. And they don't come with a book of instructions. Whether you are an individual, couple, or family going through a hard time in your personal affairs, counseling might help. Call to learn more about the counseling process and how it might help you find solutions that are right for you.

Serving Wilmington, Philadelphia, the Western Counties of New Jersey

      • Marriage Counseling
      • Couples Counseling
      • Family Counseling
      • Child & Adolescent therapy
      • Adult Individual therapy
      • Family mediation
      • Addictions
      • Personal Coaching
      • Post-Traumatic Recovery
      • HIV/AIDS Counseling
      • Behavioral/Mental Health
      • Assessment & Treatment

      • Richard provides dynamic solution-focused services which, in many cases, facilitate rapid positive outcomes for individuals, couples, and families in distress. Long years of clinical experience combine with continuous education and training to provide clients best practice standards. As a solo practitioner since 2001 with deep roots in the local professional community, he works closely with a network of providers to whom he refers clients for specialized services that lay beyond the scope of his practice. Brief initial consultations are offered at a reduced rate.
      The Goals: Trust, understanding, connectedness
      • The stability of your central relationships affects everything from sleep, appetite, and concentration to thoughts, energy level, stress in body and mind, and even spiritual contentment. Your marriage and family can be made more strong, healthy, and positive with care, commitment, and conscientious effort. The helping professional educated in the art of family systems acts as a catalyst for a positive reaction amongst participating parties. In short he helps accelerate the move towards positive change without becoming a fixture in your life.

        The point of therapy is to heal the parts that hurt. It's not a way of life. So it's brief, solution focused and comprehensive. Mr. Brousell's extensive experience as a marriage and family therapist makes him a highly qualified consultant for guidance through periods of crisis and despair. You don't have to go it alone. Reach out for the help you deserve. Contact Richard today for an initial consultation regarding your needs.
      • Before any therapy begins, the therapist listens to everyone involved. He then endeavors to develop a deep understanding of the issues at hand, as well as the dynamics of the couple or family system. Following the evaluation the clients are offered detailed feedback that forms the basis of a plan both to heal emotional wounds in your family or marriage and to grow a new life of enhanced wisdom, insight, emotional resilience, and acceptance.
      • Richard uses the results of the evaluation as a basis for recommendations for changes and skill development. With dedication and sincere effort you and your loved one(s) may soon be on course for healthier selves and healthier bonds at home and beyond.
      Relationship Counseling
      • Learn how to relate to each other more authentically and find the caring, love and understanding that most people yearn for. The counselor will assist you to develop new ways to talk and listen that reduce conflict and promote trust, safety, and security in significant relationships.
      • Following up with his clients allows the counselor to keep them on track with the work that was done in therapy. Follow-up meetings help maintain focus on positive changes so that those changes can become the new normal. Once stabilization is achieved, the episode of counseling is complete. People return as needed for new issues or unfinished matters related to the original issue. Records are securely maintained so the return is easy and you don't have to repeat your whole story.

      • Strengthen your relationships. Don't put it off till tomorrow. If you're hurting, get some help.

A Word from Richard

Richard Brousell LPCMH - Family & Marriage Counseling

Welcome to my practice. I have provided professional counseling services since 1985, specifically focusing on individual psychotherapy and family systems therapy since 1993. In 2001, I opened a private practice in a home-based office in order to offer the ultimate in a private, confidential setting for my patients. I didn't want them to sit in a cold, clinical waiting room with a bunch of strangers. My office has no waiting room, but it does have a private entrance through a lovely garden.

When you arrive, you will enter the office directly, and your coming and going is timed so you do not encounter another patient. My approach to therapy is grounded in the Contextual School of Therapy as founded by Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy and is enhanced by more than 40 hours of continuing education every 2 years in the most cutting-edge research and practice innovations.

My Certifications

  • National Certified Counselor, National Board of Certified Counselors
  • Masters Addiction Counselor, National Board of Certified Counselors
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Diplomate, National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherpists
  • Level II Certified EMDR Practitioner
  • Clinical Member, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
  • License Professional Counselor of Mental Health #0000124, Delaware

My Guiding Principle

As a therapist, I listen respectfully always striving to understand my patients without pre-judgment. I work in the spirit of unconditional positive regard (as articulated by Carl Rogers). I do not posture myself as an expert on your life. You are the expert there, and I learn from your expertise at finding the creative ways you meet life's challenges. My expertise is in active listening, paying close attention to your positive qualities, your inherent competence, and your capacity for resilience and change. I'm interested in helping people build upon and utilize their strengths in order to address the issues that leave people vexed and in pain. I try to help people appreciate the courage it takes to enter therapy and to utilize that courage to identify and grapple with blind spots that lead to misunderstanding and conflict. Together, we explore options for change toward a life of enhanced meaning, balance, and fulfillment.

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