Before any therapy begins, the therapist listens to everyone involved. He then endeavors to develop a deep understanding of the issues at hand, as well as the dynamics of the couple or family system. Following the evaluation the clients are offered detailed feedback that forms the basis of a plan both to heal emotional wounds in your family or marriage and to grow a new life of enhanced wisdom, insight, emotional resilience, and acceptance.



Richard uses the results of the evaluation as a basis for recommendations for changes and skill development. With dedication and sincere effort you and your loved one(s) may soon be on course for healthier selves and healthier bonds at home and beyond.

Relationship Counseling

Learn how to relate to each other more authentically and find the caring, love and understanding that most people yearn for. The counselor will assist you to develop new ways to talk and listen that reduce conflict and promote trust, safety, and security in significant relationships.


Following up with his clients allows the counselor to keep them on track with the work that was done in therapy. Follow-up meetings help maintain focus on positive changes so that those changes can become the new normal. Once stabilization is achieved, the episode of counseling is complete. People return as needed for new issues or unfinished matters related to the original issue. Records are securely maintained so the return is easy and you don't have to repeat your whole story.

Strengthen your relationships. Don't put it off till tomorrow. If you're hurting, get some help.